Hong Kong Adventure Corps

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Items and uniforms charges


Sales Item Price List (With Effect From 1st September 2017)


Item No. Item Name Price per unit
ACC00002 Mess Tin HK$40.00
ACC00004 Uniform Bag HK$90.00
ACC00006 Shemaghs HK$40.00
ACC00010 HKAC Mug HK$20.00
BAD00003 Epaulette- Black HK$30.00
BAD00005 Cap Badge HK$20.00
BAD00006 Epaulette - Red HK$30.00
BAD00008 Epaulette - Officer HK$35.00

Skills / Qualification Badge

RAN00001 Brassard HK$20.00
RAN00002 Rank - Adult NCO HK$10.00
RAN00003 Rank - Cadet NCO HK$10.00
RAN00004 Wrist Rank - Adult NCO HK$15.00
RAN00005 Wrist Rank - Cadet NCO HK$15.00
RAN00006 Collar Badges HK$20.00
RAN00008 Pip - Tria Juncta in Uno HK$20.00
RAN00009 Pip - Twin Dragon HK$20.00
RAN00010 Rank Dot (for SSgt)- Ceremonial Dress HK$25.00
RAN00011 Rank (Sgt) - Ceremonial Dress HK$75.00
RAN00012 Rank (Cpl) - Ceremonial Dress HK$65.00
UNI00002 Stable Belt HK$60.00
UNI00003 Beret (Cadet) HK$75.00
UNI00003 Beret (Officer & Instructor) HK$75.00
UNI00006 Combat Jacket HK$325.00
UNI00007 Pullover, Olivegreen HK$120.00
UNI00009 Khaki Shirts - Long Sleeve HK$85.00
UNI00015 POLO HK$65.00
UNI00016 T-shirts, Olive Green HK$55.00
UNI00017 Shorts, Navy Blue HK$50.00
UNI00020 Button (Big), Gold HK$4.00
UNI00021 Button (Small), Gold HK$4.00
UNI00026 Tie, Service Dress HK$60.00
UNI00028 Boots#49664 HK$320.00
UNI00030 Jungle Hat HK$45.00
UNI00035 Shirt, Disruptive Pattern HK$128.00
UNI00036 Trousers, Olive Green HK$128.00
UNI00037 Belts, Nylon (Green) HK$100.00
UNI00041 Button (Big), Silver HK$4.00
UNI00042 Button (Small), Silver HK$4.00
UNI00046 Trousers, Disruptive Pattern HK$150.00
BAD00001 Badge, Embroidered HK$25.00
BAD00002 Pin, Corps Colour HK$15.00
BAD00007 Shield HK$280.00
BAD00004 Tie Pin HK$15.00
BAD00009 Corps Colour HK$220.00
UNI00031 Commandant's Commendation Lanyard HK$50.00
UNI00032 Buckle, Ceremonial Dress HK$250.00
UNI00022 Cuff Links HK$8.00
BAD00019 Key Chain HK$10.00


Meals and Transportation (Member's Only ) (With Effect From 1st September 2017)

Breakfast HK$22.00 
Lunch HK$34.00 
Dinner HK$34.00 
BBQ HK$60.00 
24hrs Ration HK$85.00
Transportation HK$50.00 


Breakfast HK$28.00 
Lunch HK$44.00 
Dinner HK$44.00 
BBQ HK$65.00 
24hrs Ration HK$90.00
Group Catering (Three Dishes and One Soup)  HK$60.00
Group Catering (Four Dishes and One Soup) HK$75.00
Group Catering (Five Dishes and One Soup) HK$85.00
Transportation 另議

Remarks:Price subject to change on special arrangement.

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