Hong Kong Adventure Corps

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Hong Kong Adventure Corps


The Hong Kong Adventure Corps is a voluntary uniformed organisation of youngsters founded on 4 September 1995 and registered as a charity body.  It was formerly the Junior Leaders Corps of the Royal Hong Kong Regiment (the Volunteers).

Junior Leaders Corps of RHKR(V)

In the late 60’s the Hong Kong Government and the general public felt the need to train for future Hong Kong leaders.  The RHKR(V) was thereupon allowed and granted funding to establish the Junior Leaders Corps, which was founded on 22 December 1969 to train the first batch in December 1970, with the objective of providing a training environment to young men aged between 14 and 17 for their developing personality, leadership and the devotion to public service.


Hong Kong Adventure Corps

In 1997 the Amalgamation occurred, before which our RHKR(V) had to disband when the Junior Leaders Corps could no longer operate.  Undoubtedly trainings given to Corps members were worth to maintain, with brilliant instructors and strict discipline that were precious to trainees under challenging drills.  In December 1992 the then Home Affairs Bureau (Policy Department) permitted the Hong Kong Adventure Corps to be established on the basis of an independent charity organisation instead of the former government subsidiary status.


The HKAC became a registered Co. Ltd. in January 1994, later a recognized charity organisation in February 1995 when a Committee was established, mainly to supervise the Junior Leaders Corps transition to HKAC, and to advise the latter on her future development.


The Junior Leaders Corps was disbanded on 3 September 1995 and officially replaced by the HKAC the next day.


The HKAC has the role to provide army-style trainings to young people in a bid to develop their personality as well as leadership.  Trainees will see enhancement in their sense of responsibility, self-confidence, the ability to adapt and react, determination, perseverance and the devotion to public service.


In September 1995 the HKAC began using the High Island Training Camp as the training base, where the first batch was trained in December 1995.