Hong Kong Adventure Corps

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Volunteer Instructor

We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic and responsible, to join the Hong Kong Adventure Corps as in voluntary instructor and hence to serve the youths of Hong Kong and, the community.




You will undergo a high standard and tough training with distinct military favour, in order to cope with different challenges aroused in youth trainings.



Application for Potential Instructor:

·        Permanent Resident of the HKSAR at or above the age of 21.

·        Fluent in speaking and written Cantonese and English.

·        Mature personality

·        Good physical fitness

·        Self-confident

·        Consistent with Corp’s Visions, Missions and Values

·        Pass the selection process set by the Corps


We expect an applicant of Potential Instructor (direct entry) are well competent in:

·        Communication ability

·        Judgement

·        Leadership and Management potential

·        Motivation

·        Positive Personality and Values

·        Language Proficiency and Cognitive Ability

·        Physical Fitness

·        The application would be prioritized if the applicant possess any professional qualifications required by or related to Corps Training Activities.



Potential Instructor Course would be held based on the no. of applicants.  There would be approximately one to two PI Course organized per year.

Online Application or Application Form can be downloaded and return to the Corps Headquarters.  Applicant would be notified for interview and training in due course.

For enquiries, please contact Corps Headquarters    (Email: joinus@hkac.org).