Hong Kong Adventure Corps

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Dress Regulations of the Hong Kong Adventure Corps


1. This set of regulations aims to standardize the uniforms worn by cadets and instructors while taking part in Corps activities including central Corps functions, squadron training programmes and community services in order to maintain a smart, presentable and disciplined image of the members of the Corps.  Unless approval has been granted otherwise by the Commandant for specific functions and announced through CHQ in advance, all members of the Corps are expected to wear their uniforms according to the standards set out in these regulations.
2. Squadron OCs and SSMs are required to enforce the uniform standards set out in these regulations when their squadron members take part in squadron training activities, community services and, in particular, central Corps functions.  Nevertheless, in order to suit special circumstances and squadron training or operational needs, squadron OCs are granted the authority to exercise their discretion to deviate from the announced standards for specific squadron activities.  However, the basic principle of maintaining a smart and presentable turnout of the Corps members should always be observed when the squadron OCs exercise such discretion.
3. These order may be amended, revised or updated from time to time if required and when changes or new uniform items are introduced by the Corps.