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Wai Lun Foundation Shield 10m Air Shooting Competition


In order to arouse the qualified shooters’ interest and improve their shooting standard in the 10m Air Shooting Sports, the Corps Shooting Programme is organising the "Wai Lun Foundation Shield 10m Air Shooting Competition" in August 2021. Details are as follows:


14th and 15th August 2021

(Saturday and Sunday)


21st and 22nd August 2021

(Saturday and Sunday)


28th and 29th August 2021

(Saturday and Sunday)

(Reserve day)

If any of the following signals is issued and still in force 2 hours (e.g. 0700 hours) before the

competition, affected event(s) will be rescheduled in the next day/week:

 1. Red/Black Rainstorm Warning Signal, and

 2. Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 3 or above,

 3. Other unexpected situation.
















0900 to 1630 hours


10m Indoor range, Hong Kong Adventure Corps High Island Training Camp

Sai Kung Man Yee Road, Sai Kung, N.T.





Mix Instructors’ 10m Air Pistol,


Mix Instructors’ 10m Air Rifle,


Mix Cadets’ 10m Air Pistol, and


Mix Cadets’ 10m Air Rifle.

* The grouping of events is subject to change. See Expected Size.











Aged 15 or above, and


Members of the HKAC (all ranks are accepted), and


Holder of


10m Air Pistol Shooting Course (Elementary) Certificate or equivalent – for pistol event or


10m Air Rifle Shooting Course (Elementary) Certificate or equivalent – for rifle event, and


Must be able to complete at least 15 hours of shooting practice session or any 2 days


of the Advanced Course in 2021 before the date of competition (Heat), and


Must be able to attend the workshop – “Introduction of 10m Air Shooting


Competition” which will be held in late June 2021 (date to be confirmed).

* The requirement for hours of shooting practice is relaxed under the special condition (i.e.






















Dress code*


(Cadet) Corps T-shirt(Olive Green) or Squadron T-shirt, (Instr) Corps Polo shirt, black sports

Pants, sports shoes.

* Camouflage clothing is probhibited







Expected size*


Mix Instructors’ 10m Air Pistol [8 shooters],


Mix Instructors’ 10m Air Rifle [8 shooters],


Mix Cadets’ 10m Air Pistol [8 shooters], and


Mix Cadets’ 10m Air Rifle [8 shooters].

* If the number of participating shooters in any event is less than 3 (which is insufficient for

Holding the event), the organiser reserves the right to merge the group with that of

instructor/cadet or cancel the event of that group. The participants should have no objection.














Arms, ammunition and paper targets will be provided.




Entry fee

Cadets – HK$100.00/person/Event (non-refundable),

Instructors - HK$100.00/person/Event (non-refundable).

( Transportation, meal (Lunch), ammunition and admin expenses included )






Date and time


(refer to the joining instruction, issue at the introduction workshop)


Date and time


(refer to the joining instruction, issue at the introduction workshop)


1700 hours, 31st May 2021 (Monday).

Wai Lun

To encourage squadrons and units to participate, they will strive for the "Wai Lun Foundation

Shield". Squadron or Unit obtaining the highest score according to the scale below will be the


Each successful participating shooter **

( 2 score )

Each finalist

( 2 score )

Bronze Medal

( 3 score )

Silver Medal

( 4 score )

Gold Medal

( 5 score )

** Every participating shooter must complete the event (heat or final), and will be weighed

only once (e.g. 2 score) after complete one or two events.

Foundation Shield

























Shooters must complete and provide to marshal the Health Declaration Form before

attending any event of the competition. Parental consent is also required for applicants under

the age of 18 upon application.







Shooters MUST bring along with their Corps Membership Card and Shooting Training Record

Card, and present to responsible Officer when they report to the Competition.





Shooters are allowed to participate in both Air Pistol and Air Rifle events. If the number of

application exceeded the quota in any event, allocation of places will be determined by

drawing lots held at the Introduction workshop.







Shooters must follow instructions given by the responsible Range Officer or Arms Instructor

during the Competition.





Shooters must only use the arms and ammunition provided by the Corps.



Shooters will be requested to perform the "Arms Handling Test" before the Competition, and

those who fail the test will result in prohibition on using the arms and participating in the








Shooters who attained the score of 340 or above in Heat will be awarded with Marksmanship

Badge (Air Rifle). Awardees will have to pay for the badge to the Competition Committee on

the day of event (Heat). The badge will be presented to awardees at the Award Presentation










Competition Rules and details will be announced in due course.



In light of the latest situation of the pandemic, the arrangements for the Competition are

subject to change. Announcement will be made on the Corps’ website ( http://hkac.org/ ).





Squadrons and units are welcome to contact Project Officer (Training) for organizing

squadron-based / unit-based air pistol and air rifle shooting course (Elementary).





The Competition Committee reserves the rights for final decision.





Shooters please complete the online application form on or before 31st May 2021 if you are interested. Respective squadron / unit approval should be obtained in advance.


Application: Click here to redirect to the online application form ( https://forms.gle/GqP7pYHGJbvSAcsS8 ).

* “Acknowledgement of submission” notification e-mail will be received upon successful submission. Please re-submit application if no notification is received.


Please stay tuned for the latest updates of the Competition on Corps’ webpage.


Joining instruction will be uploaded to Corps’ website 7 days before the commencement of the workshop “Introduction of 10m Air Shooting Competition”, please check accordingly. In case of uncertainty, please contact Project Officer (Training) at Tel: 2792 6486 during office hours.


Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact Project Officer (Training) by email ( po.trg@hkac.org ).