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Course Information

Sword Drill Course SDC 2022-01 (Rescheduled) (Updated with Student name list)


The Sword Drill Course SDC 2021-01 for Officers and Drill Instructors will be rescheduled to September of 2022, detail as follows:



1.  11th September 2022 (Sunday), and



2.  18th September 2022 (Sunday).



0900 hours to 1630 hours (each day).



Assessment on the sword drill will be provided within course schedule, in which



every course student will be examined by Corps Sergeant Major (CSM) or



Senior Drill Instructor(s)assigned by Corps Sergeant Major (CSM).



Hong Kong Adventure Corps High Island Training Camp,



Sai Kung Man Yee Road, Sai Kung.



1. Enable Corps’ members to handle sword safely;



2. and to perform Sword Drill precisely;



3. and to have relevant knowledge of Sword Drill.



1. Officer Rank (except Officer Cadet), or



2. valid Drill Instructor (Instructor or Cadet).



General Duty Dress.



( Refer to Commandant’s Order 12/2015 Dress Regulations (Part One) or HKAC



     Website – “Information” – “Dress Regulation”).


Class size

20 ( Minimum size of 8 ).


Course fee

HK$ 184.0/person, non-refundable.



( Transportation, meals, handout(if applicable) and administration fee included. )


Assembly #1

Date and time



     - 11th September 2022 (Sunday) 0800 hours #1,



     - 18th September 2022 (Sunday) 0800 hours #1.




     - Exit D, MTR Kowloon Tong Station.




     - CSM WO1 LEE Chung-ching.



1630 depart from HITC and back to Exit D, MTR Kowloon Tong Station.



1700, 1st September, 2022 (Thursday).



1.  Fees and places of enrolled participants is non-refundable and non-






2.  All participants must comply with the anti-epidemic measures.



3.  Course students should always wear proper uniform, obey any given



     orders/instructions and participate with 100% attendance, failure to do so will



     result in suspension of taking class(es).



4.  The Hong Kong Adventure Corps Certificate of Achievement – Sword drill



     course will be awarded upon completion of course requirement and






5.  For training purpose, every participant should prepare own Sam Browne Belt.



6.  Please refer to joining instruction for makeup examination arrangement.



7.  The course will be cancelled if enrolment is insufficient (less than 8 persons per






8.  Class arrangement is subject to change depending on the latest situation of the



     epidemic and the suspension of training. Details of the latest arrangement are



     available at HKAC website ( http://hkac.org/ ).



9.  Course candidate(s) should report to rendezvous point on time, there will be



     NO waiting for late-comers.



10.  Please refer to the attachment 「附件(一)劍操訓練班 2022-01及進階步操教



     練單元 (單元11-劍操) 2022-01-參與指引」for course details.


If no notification is received in 7 days before the commencement of the course, please contact Project Officer (Training) at Tel: 2792 6486 during office hours.


Application: Would all OCs Squadron & Unit ICs please complete the attached nomination form and return to Project Officer (Training) by email ( po.trg@hkac.org ) and CSM ( csmwo1leechungching@gmail.com ), with carbon copy send to ( jacky.leecm@gmail.com ) and ( achq@hkac.org ) before deadline.


Click here  to download the joining instruction「附件(一)劍操訓練班 2022-01及進階步操教練單元 (單元11-劍操) 2022-01-參與指引」.


Click here  to download the nomination form.


Click here  to download the training programme.


Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact Project Officer (Training) by email ( po.trg@hkac.org ).


Click here  to download the student name list.