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Joint Squadron Christmas Camp 2017 Helpers Recruitment


Joint Squadron Christmas Camp 2017 Helpers Recruitment


In order to provide a platform for our Squadrons to meet together and to review on their training performance, a Joint Squadron Christmas Camp 2017 is agreed to be held from 23rd to 25th December, 2017. The Camp consists of two phrases: a Troop Test (23rd to 24th December) and a circuit training (25th December).


We would like to invite all Squadrons and Units to provide both adult and cadet helpers for the Camp. The duty each of the helpers will be centrally organized. Details are as follows:


Expected no. of Cdt helpers from each Sqn/Unit

4 (Cadet Lance Corporal or above)

Expected no. of Adult helpers from each Sqn/Unit




  1. Command Post
  1. Quick Reaction Force
  1. Task Stands


There are 6 Task Stands in total including the following tasks:

  1. Shooting
  2. First Aid
  3. Command Task
  4. Flag Signal
  5. Knotting

*Relevant helpers may state their preferences on the type of duties. However, the final decision will be made by the Camp IC.

*Helpers will be arranged to join the preparatory meetings before the Camp.



To help you better deploy your subordinates, the details for the Competing Sections is provided as follows:

Sections: Each squadron is to form up to two sections to participate in the captioned camp. Joint section (section members from different squadrons) is allowed. Minimum requirement for a section is: 1 Section IC (Cadet Sergeant or Corporal), 1 Section 2IC (Cadet Corporal or Lance Corporal) and 6 section members (Cadet Lance Corporal or Cadets). Each section should not exceed 12pax in total.



Your full support on the Camp is highly appreciated. If you are interested, please report to your Sqn/Unit OC and submit the nomination form on or before 26 September 2017 for our arrangement.


Meanwhile, please be noticed meetings for Squadron Representative for the Camp will be held accordingly. Please keep an eye on the notice.


Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact ATO at 2792 6486.