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Course Information

Cancelled: Drill Instructor Course DIC 2022-01


(Course cancelled: insufficient enrolment)


The Drill Instructor Course 2022-01 will be held between November and December 2022. Please refer to the attached document (1) for more details and submit your nomination by completing the form attached on or before 2nd November 2022, detail as follows:


Course date

1st Weekend

26th to 27th November 2022 (Saturday to Sunday),



2nd Weekend

3rd to 4th December 2022 (Saturday to Sunday),



3rd Weekend

10th to 11th December 2022 (Saturday to Sunday).



(#1 Three weekends in total. Notice: Actual training date(s) may be adjusted



    depending on the novel coronavirus infection situation. )



(Each weekend training) 0900 hours to next day 1630 hours.


Class Method

Physical class(es).



Assessment will be provided within course schedule, in which every course



  student will be examined by Corps Sergeant Major (CSM) or Senior Drill



  Instructor(s) assigned by Corps Sergeant Major (CSM). Scope of assessment:



  1. SLR L1A1 Normal Safety Procedure (NSP,



  1. Written test on safety measures when handling SLR L1A1,



  1. Teaching of basic foot drill,



  1. Teaching of arms drill,



  1. Lance drill.



Hong Kong Adventure Corps High Island Training Camp,



Sai Kung Man Yee Road, Sai Kung.



1. Learn to teach foot drill and arms drill;



2. Learn to conduct foot drill lecture or arms drill lecture in the same standard






3. To obtain the qualification of a drill instructor;



4. To obtain the permission from authority to register as license holder agent and



   arms instructor.



1. Instructor – Corporal or above (Officer rank, Warrant Officer and Acting



   Corporal is not eligible), or



  Cadet – Cadet Sergeant or above (Cadet Warrant Officer Class 2 and Acting



   Cadet Sergeant is not eligible); and



2. holder of the Basic Drill Course certificate or equivalent; and



3. holder of the Arms Drill Course certificate or equivalent.



General Duty Dress.



( Refer to Commandant’s Order 12/2015 Dress Regulations (Part One) or HKAC



   Website – “Information” – “Dress Regulation”).


Class size

10 per class (Minimum size of 4 ).


Course fee

HK$555.0/person, non-refundable.



( Transportation, meals, handout(if applicable) and administration fee included. )


Assembly #2

(Refer to the course joining instruction, attached document (1) )



1700, 2nd November, 2022 (Wednesday).



1. Fees and places of enrolled participants is non-refundable and non-






2. All participants must comply with the anti-epidemic measures.



3. Course students should always wear proper uniform, obey any given result in



     orders/instructions, and participate with 100% attendance, failure to do so



     will being RTU (Returned to Unit).



4. Cadet handbook is required when attending training course (Cadets only).



5. Unexcused absence in the training course may result in suspension of taking



     the same training course in coming year.



6. The Hong Kong Adventure Corps Certificate of Achievement – Drill Instructor



     Course will be awarded upon completion of course requirement.



7. Upon on completion of course requirement, the Hong Kong Adventure Corps



     may recommend applicant to register as an agent of the licensee of HKAC,



     and therefore the applicant is able to look after, convey and handle the



     licensed arms to perform arms drill training.



8. The course will be cancelled if enrolment is insufficient (less than 4 persons per






9. In order to encourage and promote an eco-friendly perspective within Corps,



     training materials (e.g. handouts) will be distributed in electronic format.



     Other course related expenses will be shared by course students.



10. Please refer to the attachment 「附件(一)步操教練班 2022-01, 進階步操教練



     單元 2022-01 (單元12-步操教練) 參與指引」for more course details.



11. Class arrangement is subject to change depending on the latest situation of



     the epidemic and the suspension of training. Details of the latest



     arrangement are available at HKAC website ( http://hkac.org/ ).



11. Course candidate(s) should report to rendezvous point on time, there will be



     NO waiting for late-comers.


If no notification is received in 7 days before the commencement of the course, please contact Project Officer (Training) at Tel: 2792 6486 during office hours.


Application: Would all OCs Squadron & Unit ICs please complete the attached nomination form and return to Corps Sergeant Major ( csmwo1leechungching@gmail.com ) and Project Officer (Training) ( po.trg@hkac.org ) by email, with carbon copy send to ( hymnchan1@gmail.com ) and ( achq@hkac.org ) before deadline.


Click here  to download the joining instructions「附件(一)步操教練班 2022-01, 進階步操教練單元 2022-01 (單元12-步操教練) 參與指引」(document (1) ).


Click here  to download the nomination form (document (2) ).


Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact the csmwo1leechungching@gmail.com by email ( csmwo1leechungching@gmail.com ).