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Cancelled: 10m Air Pistol Shooting Course (Elementary) APS-E 2022-02


(Course cancelled: insufficient enrolment)


Corps Shooting Programme is holding a 10m Air Pistol Shooting Course (Elementary) in October 2022. This shooting course belongs to the entry level of air shooting sport, detail as follows:



15th October 2022 (Saturday)



0900 hours to 1630 hours.



1. Written test (Point 1 to 8 in the content of training syllabus), and



2. Practical exam.



Indoor Range, Hong Kong Adventure Corps High Island Training Camp,



Sai Kung Man Yee Road, Sai Kung.



1. Get known to and consolidate the sense of safety in shooting sport,



2. To master the basic knowledge in shooting/marksmanship,



3. To undergo shooting practice / training in a safely and effectively.



1. Aged 15 or above, and



2. Corps’members (adult instructors (except Potential Instructor) and cadets).






(Corps T-shirt or Squadron T-shirt, trousers(black) and sport shoes. camouflage



   clothing is prohibited within range area) .


Class size

8 per class( Minimum size of 3 ).


Course fee

HK$ 92.0/person, non-refundable.



( Transportation, meals, handout(if applicable) and administration fee included. )



   According to the minutes of Commandant's meeting on 6th November 2019, fee



   for ammo(HK10.0/person/day) is waived in order to encourage Corps’ member



   to participate in the shooting sport.)



Lunch - Catering service may not be provided depending on the camp usage.


Rendezvous #1

Embus (AM) - 0755#1 at Temple Mall North L1 drop off / pick up area.



Embus (PM) - 1650 depart from HITC and travel back to MTR Choi Hung Station.



1700, 2nd October, 2022 (Sunday).



( Refer to attachment -團射擊項目訓練大綱(Chinese only) )



1. Fees and places of enrolled participants is non-refundable and non-






2. All participants must comply with the anti-epidemic measures.



3. HK$57.00 can be exempted if no transportation arrangement is needed, please



     choose the corresponding option in the nomination/application form.



4. Course students should always wear proper uniform/clothing, failure to do so will



     result in suspension of taking class(es).



5. The Hong Kong Adventure Corps Certificate of Achievement –10m Air Pistol



     Shooting Course (Elementary) will be awarded upon completion of course



     requirement and assessment.



6. Certificate holder can participate in shooting practice under the supervision of



     Range Officer and Arms Instructor. He/She is also eligible in taking the 10m Air



     Shooting Course (Intermediate) .



7. Participants MUST always bring along their Corps membership card and Shooting



     Training Record Card (if any).



8. Participants must follow instructions given by the responsible Range Officer and



     Arms Instructor all the time.



9. Participants may be requested to perform the "Arms Handling Test" anytime



     during the shooting practice, failure to pass the test can result in prohibition of






10. Cadet handbook is required when attending training course (Cadets only).



11. Squadrons and units are welcome to contact Project Officer (Training) for course



     organizing squadron-based / unit-based 10m air pistol shooting (Elementary)



     and 10m air rifle shooting (Elementary).



12. This course is eligible for the HKAYP Bronze Award or Silver Award Physical



     Recreation Section activity, please contact respective UU Leader or CHQ for






13. The course will be cancelled if enrolment is insufficient (less than 3 persons per






14. Class arrangement is subject to change depending on the latest situation of the



     epidemic and the suspension of training. Details of the latest arrangement are



     available at HKAC website ( http://hkac.org/ ).



15. Course candidate(s) should report to rendezvous point on time, there will be



     NO waiting for late-comers.


If no notification is received in 7 days before the commencement of the course, please contact Project Officer (Training) at Tel: 2792 6486 during office hours.


Application: Would all OCs Squadron & Unit ICs please complete the electronic application form before deadline.


Click here  to be redirected to the electronic application form (https://forms.gle/U9UiUocVLrhB8F9x5 ).


Click here  to download the 團射擊項目訓練大綱(Chinese only).


Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact Project Officer (Training) by email ( po.trg@hkac.org ).